Public Media Vision through the iMA lens:

iMA envisions a future where the public media industry has transitioned to become a collaborative community that pushes the boundaries of innovation on all viable platforms. Public media professionals will continuously explore new opportunities and platforms for content distribution, new techniques for engaging their audiences, and new methods for generating revenue and measuring business results. We will turn to industry peers to refine ideas, develop solutions collaboratively, and share resources. Becoming an industry that works together and recognizes and embraces a constantly changing landscape will allow us to serve our public better than ever before and cement our position as a vital community resource while achieving both our individual goals as well as our shared industry goals.


iMA Vision:

iMA is the connection point for innovation in the public media industry facilitating knowledge and resource sharing, educational growth, partnership opportunities, and collaborative initiatives to support the continued success of public media as an essential community resource.


iMA Mission:

iMA’s mission is to facilitate a transition in public media to a truly innovative, efficient, and collaborative industry that ensures our diverse communities have access to relevant information and culture through existing, emerging, and yet unknown media behaviors.

iMA will provide thought leadership, enable collaboration, and deliver educational resources that allow public media professionals to embrace the changing media and technology landscape to better engage, inform, and empower their communities. 


iMA Goals:

  1. Enable innovation and experimentation across public media
  2. Facilitate effectiveness and efficiency within public media
  3. Become a self-sustaining organization